" Watched his first lecture Valuation of Goodwill,sir has made it so simple that just remembering simple dialogue " Friends always can expect sachins goodwill".Purchasing his Pendrive lectures will help you getting positive results".


" Started my studies just before 2 months of exam,DJ Sirs Pendrive lectures helped alot, because of which was able to attend my paper so well.Thanks Deepak Sir !!!"

Binish Rupani ( Trust Group )

As a fore ordinance, a teacher imparts you education that contributes to your academic and professional development. Many a times, a teacher-student exchange closes there. But how many times have we come across a teacher who not only intents for a student to be knowledge rich but also builds one as an asset?

Dr. Jaggi is one such millennial. In the ever changing tapestry of the corporate world, Jaggi Sir's enthusiastic style of teaching is eternal. From laying the foundation stone to carving newest patterns, every learning experience in terms of a lecture or conversation with him has been enriching. Dr. Jaggi has been a pleasure to work under. As a professor and guide, I'll forever be indebted to you, sir.


I heard from one of my friends about Sukh Sagor Institute in 2009 for Accounts classes only. Many a times, a teacher-student exchange closes there. There was risk also as classes were virtual not face to face. In 2009, this thing was not so common. But I decided to join Sukh Sagor only for accounts classes just because of the feedback of Deepak Jaggi Sir. Well , my experience was really good about Deepak Sir classes. It was learning with fun

I learnt that for success not only hard work but smart work also required. Besides helping me in understanding concepts, Sir's unique way of memorizing and solving questions helped in not only completing so called PCC Accounts lengthy paper in time but also precisely attempting and result was out. I had scored 99/100 in PCC Accounts.(Roll No. 69345, May 2010 Exams) From XI my strength was Accounts in Commerce and Deepak Sir's guidance helped me to again establish the same fact.. Thanks sir for helping me to score 99/100.


My FM teacher in college, and a MENTOR always. Sir you're an excellent professor. He made sure our concepts were strong and made learning fun for us! Ofcourse a Popular professor amongst students for his "bollywood style of teaching" and the way he carried himself.

Thank you for making learning so easy, and helping us to clear each and every challenge that came our way. DJ WALEN BABU ZARA FM PADA DE

NEHA LALA ( Daughter )


THE BEST , NO WORDS TO SAY ABOUT OUR DJ SIR , I was Sir's Student in Inter CA in 1995 & then my daughter Neha was also his student in CPT & IPCC both .

What a terrific & charismatic personality . Sir hope u will same to teach to Neha's children as well


Kishore Hingwani

Sir, I’m Neethu...From Chennai…appearing for May 2016 IPCC exams. I’ve bought your lectures pen drive sir…It is very use full for me…I actually dropped my classes as they were late in completing the portions.. and was very much worried about the acc paper as I couldn’t do any self study… so thanks a lot sir…ur videos are helping me out now…I m feeling lot for having missed it before as I m now in crucial sate of my exams…and moreover I’m not gud at Hindi but still I’m feeling comfortable with your language too sir…thanks a lot. If I have any doubts may I mail it?? I hope am not troubling you…thank u Neethu.

Excellent Lecture Deepak sir…fortunate to see you after so many years…Dashing…your teaching is awesome… really missed it.

Sunil rawat

 Your lecture ever splendid for me ton c thanks sir ggg. U r intellectual teaches your teaching skill is absolutely separate from every teacher of India.

Sneha mishra

Sir u always inspire us…no words to describe…thanks a lot for such video lecture

Deepak raghav

Sir you are the best if I ever get a chance I want to study at your coaching institute.


Im just speechless… how could I thank you…it helps a lot sir…god bless you Thank you so much sir for uploading this, I understand every thing which you explained. I’ll definitely share your video with ma friends

Danish Bakht

Sir I m from Pakistan. I wish that if an Pakistan we had teachers like u. who would explain complex & difficult topics with such ease like you god bless you

Amit saini

Sir your technique style is really unique and awesome

Irfan sk

Respected Deepak sir, u are really the best of all…really very active and inspiring…thank you sir….looking forward for more and more and more videos thank you.

Noeline bruce

Hi sir, I m a hardcore fan of your lectures…getting to know your blessing. Please give us more videos… thanks for inspiring us….

Kiran arain

Good teacher ever you are sir mene apse sekha bahot kuch I respect you from the core of my heart I m from Pakistan and teachers gives respect in every religion